Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friends & Flowers Gift Set

I made the various items below for my girlfriend. Back in July she was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer, DCIS. Ladies please get your mamos, she did not have any lumps. It was detected through her yearly mamo. Since then she has had surgery to remove the cancer and she tested clear in her lymph nodes as well. Praise God!!!! She is recovering very well. I wanted to make something special for her, so here is what I made.

There was no stamping at all. I used the retired, Friends & Flowers Simply Scrappin' Kit which was from the 2006-2007 catalog. The items made are: composition notebook covered and decorated. Starbucks bottle decorated and filled with pink M&M's, which are her favorite, I then decorated a clear paint can that I got for sooooo cheap at Staples. I was there for some office supplies and there they were, I could not pass up the deal. I got them awhile back, so you'll be lucky to find them. I filled the paint can with a decorated wooden paper clip, I made a small notebook with my bind it all, boy was that worth the money! I also made a post it note holder, the idea was in one of the Stampin' Success issues awhile back, lastly I printed a poem about cancer I found online and made a bookmark. I also gave her two books on breast cancer.

She loved the gift and I loved making it and especially giving it to her.

Well, I'm off to a weekend retreat with ladies from our church up at Silver Birch Ranch. I'm so looking forward to it. No cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids...Have a great weekend!!

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