Friday, May 18, 2007

Pocket Book for Father's Day

In March I attended a stamp retreat at SBR, It was so much fun being able to stamp all weekend and no worries of home! This is one of the projects we did. Check out SBR's website, they have a scrapbooking retreat coming up in Nov 07.

This is the front of the book. It was a kit they put together. The cover and back of the book are chipboard. We stamped onto the cardstock and then covered the front and back covers. See below on more information.

The inside is made up of pocket pages put together. We stamped those as well and then adhered them to the binding of the book which is an accordian style binding.

Here are more photos of some inside pages. I plan on adding photos of the girls and have them write a note to dad. I think it will make a great Father's Day gift and I know he'll love it, they are are "daddy's little girls!"

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